don’t quit.

This one’s for my creatives or for any human, really. Take the meat and leave the bones.


Take a break, take a breather, take some time off, but DON’T QUIT.

One thing is for certain
Two thing’s fa’sho
YOU & your craft are two things you should never give up on.

so go — create & go— be.

Moment of transparency -This isn’t here because I’ve mastered the above. It is here because just like you, I need some reminding too.

So I’m telling you as I tell myself:

I love you and as long you are breathing you are meant to live, you are meant to pursue your purpose and as a creative you are meant to CREATE (even when it doesn’t feel like it’s your best work.)

shine bright superstar!

peace + blessings always ✌🏾🙏🏾✨


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