You Don’t Need Permission

THIS IS YOUR LIFE • You can dance how you want to. I’ve been a goodie two shoes for as long as I could remember. Abiding by the rules and if there were no rules, I’d ask for permission or ask for someone to tell me what to do. It took a while to learn but life doesn’t come with a manual; it’s trial, error and learning from it. I think that in this 2020 year we are so blessed to have so much information via certain Instagram accounts. We have books that teach us about how to build a business, how to do this that and the third. These are all wonderful resources. I find though, that I’ll fill my mind with all this useful information and get to a point where I know so much but I’m not applying it for whatever reason. Could it be fear of failure? Maybe. It could also be a plethora of other things. Sometimes you don’t need to read the book for the 55th time, you just need to START and LIVE and refer back to it when needed. And if you’re anything like how I’m trying NOT to be; STOP waiting for permission to live out your purpose. It’s already in you.

Peace & blessing always,


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