Tend to your garden

What’s going on familia?

Take this in, when someone brings you flowers they are cut, prone to stay in decent condition for approx. a week. You can’t plant cut flowers. But when you water your garden, you cultivate deeply rooted plants, plants that are cared for with intention — YOUR intention. Of course there is the occasion where some people get taught how to water their gardens by folks that bring them flowers. I’m just saying, let loving yourself + caring for yourself + pouring into and setting time apart for yourself be the rule NOT the exception. 

I have found that when I was waiting around for someone to water me, I’d be frustrated when they didn’t come through for me in the way I expected them to. YOU are your own greatest investment (right after Jesus). It is not cute to wait around for someone to water you. And the resentment that comes after that is not a good fit either. So invest in yourself, take the courses, go back to school (regardless of how old you are!), exercise, make that healthy meal.               

BET ON YOU for once. Me saying all of this does not mean I’ve mastered any of this. I’m right in that imperfection boat with you. But now I know that before I expect love + care (or anything for that matter) from any other human I’ve got to love + care for myself. ❤️🤗

When you begin to care for your garden, the flowers that others bring will be purely be seen as the gift that they are — A GIFT not an obligation. A BONUS and not your main bread.

Until next blog post;

Peace & blessings,


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