‘Look UP, Child’ a poem by joydelasoul.

Look up child
The One who made the skies
Made YOU
Unique in His sight.

Look around child
Not everyone will resemble you
The world is filled with many nations, colours & hues
Some love & some hate
You’re not for everyone
and everyone isn’t for you
Regardless, pour out pure love anyway.

Look behind you, child
Celebrate your lessons, no regrets
Rejoice in all God has done for you
All that He’s brought you through
Look at you now
You’re breathing, full of oxygen
Indication that you still have
Purpose to pursue
Life to live
Laughs to let out
Moves to dance
Dreams to fulfill

Sugaa take a minute and gather up all of your most joyful memories
Now baby, look ahead
Your best is in front of you
There will still be bumps
There’s no telling how big they’ll be
But keep shinin’ and know that your burdens were never meant for you to solely carry.
When you need a lighter load
Or you don’t know where to go
When you’re doubting
On your own
NEVER forget…
look UP, child.

written by joydelasoul.

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