Reflecting on lessons learned

Today is Wednesday May 3rd 2017. I’ve been 22 for 6 months and I have six more months until I turn 23. I like to call this, my half birthday; What better day to release/write my first blog post? As I think of the fact that I stepped into a new year (both 2017 and turning 22), I want to take the time to be transparent and honest with you about what I have learned. And it ain’t as sweet as cotton candy clouds, if you get my jyst. So without further or due, here it goes:

I remember stepping into the year 2016 and speaking with one of my girls; I told her I felt the heaviness and weight of what the year would bring. I precisely recall saying that the year 2016 would be a “bad” year. By no means did I mean to be pessimistic, but I just felt it in my innermost.

My oh so loving parents decided to re-locate out of the country. And I recall being frustrated for more reasons than one, so I moved out of their place (partly out of rebellion, and partly for reasons that shall remain private). I moved into this place and I can’t say it was the best living conditions, but I digress and leave that story for another time.

In July of last year a group of leaders within my young adults group were chosen to go on a missions trip to the Yukon. A lot of my closest friends that I see or speak to at least once a week were among that group, I was not.  The trip was for 9 days or so, mind you where they were going, they didn’t have access to any sort of social media or cell phone reception #ruff. I was so hysterical and dramatic about it. Like how was I supposed to go on without some of my closest friends? So dramatic, I know. But the truth is, outside of work, watching a whole lot of Netflix, attending church, and religiously attending my young adult group, going out for food with friends; I wasn’t really intentional of my time spent with the Lord & His word. In fact I came to the realization that often times when I had an issue with something I would call my mother to pray for me, rant about it to my girls, or ask my girls to dissect the problem for me (i.e: What do you think this means? etc…). Even my workplace setting was very independent ad isolated. It’s as though I would avoid being in an intimate place with God by keeping myself busy with many other things.

It all just comes to show how jealous Abba is and how He longs to be number one on the throne of our hearts. And I can’t help but share what was revealed to me when God TRULY had me to Himself.

  1. God seeks for me to seek Him.. for all His children to seek Him; He wants us to be intentional in seeking His presence and spending time in His word; It should be a daily thing, it should be priority not something you do out of boredom because there’s nothing left to do or because you’ve already binged watched all your fave Netflix shows (guilty).
  2. God is the head and not the tail. With that said He wants you and I to make Him the head of every situation in our lives.
  3. NOTHING is too big, small, less important, more important, relevant or irrelevant for our God to handle. Leave it all at the cross.
  4. I learned that God may provide faithful individuals (parents, friends, spiritual parents, siblings, friends that become family) in my life, but that’s just a glimpse of His faithfulness and His love; Don’t just recognize the gift, recognize & remember the giver of gifts.
  5. It is a good thing to be plugged into a church and young adult group; But my time spent within a Christian community setting does not cancel out my alone time I should be having with the Lord.
  6. I had to learn to see past hurt & offense. Not everything was happening TO me, but it was happening FOR me. #BeHumble #HesAnIntentionalGod
  7. God desires for us to know the plans He has for us; Which brings me back to my first point, seek Him.

Hebrews 12:6-7 

For whom the Lord loves He chastens,
And scourges every son whom He receives.”

If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? (NKJV)

It’s growth from here (spiritually of course, I think I’m done growing physically *insert laughing emoji*).

I hope that you can take something from what I’ve learned and for some maybe you already know this. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, right?

I love you. And until my next blog post..

Peace & blessings,

Joy DelaSoul

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